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Featured Author: C. A. Milson, Read by AB Kovacs

American Idol Spoof ~ Emz

Movie: Blood And Chocolate, 2007
Review: Camellia Rains
Book written by Annette Curtis Klause
Blood and Choclolate
Alien Secrets

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Tower of London 1 & 2 ~ Audrey
Hearse or Chariots of the Dead? ~ Johnny Ghoul
Intercast Story ~ Millie
New Members: Sue, Corey, Herb, Bunny, Poppydragon
Night's Knights 2, How?  ~ Herb
Horror Fest Review and Pics
The Dragon a poem by Sabreman Carter
Mark Eller's Vlad Panel from Horror Addicts ~Bonus Ep~
Fake Bangs How To
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Featured Author: C A Milson
Bloodline Of Darkness
Read by AB Kovacs

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Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
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Movies in this Season:
#013 12/18/08 The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993
#014 12/25/08 Fido, 2006
#015 01/08/09 Special Episode, No Movie
#016 01/22/09 Nosferatu, 1922
#017 02/05/09 Brotherhood Of The Wolf, 2001 (Pacte des loups, Le)
#018 02/19/09 Vampire Journals, 1997
#019 03/05/09 Blood & Chocolate, 2007
#020 03/19/09 From Dusk Till Dawn, 1996
#021 04/02/09 Thir13en Ghosts, 2001

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