Full season in one audio.
HorrorAddicts.net presents, GothHaus, the comedy reality show with a deadly twist. Gothmazing Race is about a group of Goths, racing all over the globe, visiting haunted places to be the winner. The mini-sode audiodrama that has been called "The Addams Family on speed" and "Saturday Night Live meets Elvira" is offered up for your pleasure. Starring: Emerian Rich, Camellia Rains, Kirk Warrington, Rhonda Carpenter, Ariel DaWintre, Steve Merrifield, Heather Roulo, Renee Roulo, Dan Shaurette, Michelle Shaurette, Jeri Unselt.
With special guests: Patterson Lundquist, Marc Vale, Mike Bennett, and Dario Ciriello.

With music by Midnight Syndicate.

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