Horror Addicts Episode# 124

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich & Dan Shaurette

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


once upon a scream | hekseri | babadook


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Once Upon a Scream


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C.S Kane

J. Malcolm Stewart

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Wayne Faust

Lynn McSweeney

Laurel Anne Hill

Emerian Rich

Nickie Jamison

Shannon Lawrence


Vampire lesbians of sodom:



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Wicked Gardens:


“Broken Pieces” by Valentine Wolfe


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Full season in one audio
Black Jack: Confidence artist Jacob Springer discovers that his mother, a Faierie, has been murdered in London. Can he track down her killer while the police have their hands full with Jack the Ripper's reign of terror?
Voices by: Dani Cutler, Emerian Rich, Glenn Hibburt, Jack Mangan, Lucie LeBlanc, Mat Weller, Murdo Morrison, Pete Lutz, Sean Young, Ted Wenskus, and Veronica Giguere.
Written by Dan Shaurette

Theme song was "Sorrows Path" by Tim Beek.
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Full season in one audio
End of the World Radio: Kylie is alone in San Francisco after "something" has happened to make the rest of the inhabitants disappear. She hides out at a radio station and we follow her tale as she meets with other survivors, zombies, and tries to find out what happened.

Voices by: Emerian Rich, David Watson, Jeremiah Donaldson

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Full season in one audio
Black Magic:  Capt. Matt Black and Dr. Andrew MacGillivray are a pair of paranormal private eyes hot on the trail of someone — or something — killing women during the raucous 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Stranger things are afoot however when their friend, L. Frank Baum, finds a man who was brutally attacked not far from the Fair.
Voices by: Mat Weller, Murdo Morrison, Marc Vale, Jack Mangan, Jack Hosley, Dani Cutler, Emerian Rich, Kinsey Swartz, and Brandon Ferris.
Written by Dan Shaurette.
Theme song was "Wine" by Jack Mangan.
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Full season in one audio.
HorrorAddicts.net presents, GothHaus, the comedy reality show with a deadly twist. Gothmazing Race is about a group of Goths, racing all over the globe, visiting haunted places to be the winner. The mini-sode audiodrama that has been called "The Addams Family on speed" and "Saturday Night Live meets Elvira" is offered up for your pleasure. Starring: Emerian Rich, Camellia Rains, Kirk Warrington, Rhonda Carpenter, Ariel DaWintre, Steve Merrifield, Heather Roulo, Renee Roulo, Dan Shaurette, Michelle Shaurette, Jeri Unselt.
With special guests: Patterson Lundquist, Marc Vale, Mike Bennett, and Dario Ciriello.

With music by Midnight Syndicate.

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VaultBonus: The audiodrama from Season 5 of HorrorAddicts.net circa 2010.

Full season in one audio.
HorrorAddicts.net presents, GothHaus, the comedy reality show with a deadly twist. GothHaus is about a group of Goths, picked to live in a haunted house by an eccentric artist who wants to teach the world what being Goth is really about. The mini-sode audiodrama that has been called "The Addams Family on speed" and "Saturday Night Live meets Elvira" is offered up for your pleasure. Starring: Emerian Rich, MJ Hahn, Camellia Rains, Kirk Warrington, and Rhonda Carpenter.

With music by Midnight Syndicate.

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