Horror Addicts Episode# 171
SEASON 14 “We’re Cursed, Again!!!”
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


poveglia island, italy

loren rhoads and hwa sf | schultz | blood and roses


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82 days till halloween

*terror trax: schultz, i hate u

*catchup: hell-cation, hot, arizona, las vegas, horror activities, cracker barrel, at home, halloween goods, dan shaurette, twilight zone monster mini-golf in bally’s, stranger things s3, suspiria new one, the inbetween, medium, light as a feather s2

twilight zone mini-golf: https://www.caesars.com/ballys-las-vegas/things-to-do/twilight-zone-by-monster-mini-golf#.XUiaT-hKiMo

*cursed place: poveglia island, italy

ghost adventures s3e2

*logbook of terror: russell, poveglia island, italy

*darkvein manor: by emerian rich with cleo de milo concept by e.m. markoff, rish outfield-ives, kadirah wade-hazel, pete lutz-jay and henry, emerian rich-clara and cleo, naching t. kassa- dr. francistein  theme music-valentine wolf

*ghastly games: daphne, abduction of two rulers by nancy kilpatrick

*odds and dead ends: keiran, giallo, psycho, black christmas

*frightening flix: kbatz, blood and roses

*live action reviews: crystal, i trapped the devil

*the bigfoot files: lionel, willow creek 

*vile vacations, kay tracy, e.a. black , trinity adler

*courtney mroch, haunt jaunts, horror vacations, stephen king’s pennywise

*dead mail: 

***james: tidal wave of zombies, ian ziering

***lisa: woman who married the ghost pirate wants a divorce

***cynthia: university of pittsburgh to create horror studies with george a. romero library

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*news: my darling dead: jesse, murder weapons video, dark divinations, terror films, lake house llc, lake of fire, guillermo del toro star, scary stories to tell in the dark, vampire remains found in conneticut

*book: review by chantal boudreau, shanti, alessandro manzetti  

*chilling chat: naching, lore rhoads, tales of the campfire, hwa, sf

*story: loren rhoads, voiced by emerian rich and david strom


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Emerian Rich

h e a d  o f p u b l i s h i n g

Naching T. Kassa

p u b l i s h i n g  p. a.

Cedar George

b l o g  e d i t o r


s t a f f

KBatz (Kristin Battestella), Daphne Strasert, Jesse Orr, Russell Holbrook, Lionel Green, Keiran Judge, Crystal Connor, Cedar George, Nightshade, Courtney Mroch

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