Horror Addicts Episode# 176
SEASON 14 “We’re Cursed, Again!!!”
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Guests: E.M. Markoff, Ariel DaWintre, Camellia Rains
Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


Halloween Special and Season Finale

a.j. rome | jonathan fortin | weird kids wanted | zwaremachine


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12 days till halloween


*merrill’s musical musings: zwaremachine, john wick, r.l. Merrill

*drinking word: nerco! necromancy, necromancer, anything necro

*pumpkin craft: quilted pumpkin supplies - 1 styrofoam pumpkin, bunch o’ straight pins, at least 126 fabric squares 3x3 inch alternating colors- one of them being green and ironed into triangles, timble, stitch gauge, an iron

*cursed places: salem, pressed with stones, preston castle, jackson, ca, texas, abandoned victorian house, cold spots, spooky, hauntings, winchester, john muir house, dunsmuir house pool area, real camera pictures, winchester wedding

*logbook of terror: creepy castle, russell


*darkvein manor: by emerian rich with cleo de milo concept by e.m. markoff, rish outfield-ives, kadirah wade-hazel, pete lutz-jay and henry, emerian rich-clara and cleo, naching t. kassa- dr. francistein, james seo-heath,  kirk warrington-fabio, theme music-valentine wolf

*ghastly games: daphne, adventure escape asylum


INTERVIEW: Jonathan Fortin, Next Great Horror Writer

writer challenge, publishing contract, clarion, lilitu, crystal lake publishing, succubus, awkward robots indigo volume, fairies, requiem in frost, norway, heavy metal ghost, helpful zombies, audiobook coming, halloween plans, edwardian ball, horror movie marathon, sleepy hollow, crimson peak, suspiria, evil dead 2, dracula, the thing

#149 Jonathan’s win reaction

Requiem in Frost

*pumpkin craft: first instructions

*odds and dead ends: kieran, checkmate, alexander alekhine, conspiracy, wwii, murder, wizards chess, star trek chess, 3 dimensional

*frightening flix: kbatz vid clip, gothic romance, crafting vids, tombstones, paint it black, DIY cardboard coffin, mini coffin tray, pumpkins

Kbatz Gothic Romance Vid

*live action reviews: crystal, luciferina, monestary, sex, drugs, rock and roll, occult


NEW MOVIE LINEUP end of 2019- 2020

terminator, dr. sleep, ewen mcgregor, brahms 2, maggie, walking dead, netflix, black christmas, anna and the apocalypse, the grudge (again), blumhouse untitled, uncanny annie, the turning, the turn of the screw, henry, james, the lodge, trailer on FB group, fantasy island, horror adaption, the invisible man, claude rains, tattoo, ricardo monteban, a quiet place 2, the new mutants, horror or superhero, saw (again), morbius, blade, spiderman, empty man, vampire hunters no thank you, vampire hunter d, buffy, oz, spike, angel, the woman in the window, candyman (again), escape room (again), spell, plane crash, twilight zone movie, last night in soho, halloween kills (again), micheal meyers, jamie less curtis, what is the franchise that has the most sequels, the witches, angelica huston

57: 25 

INTERVIEW: A.J. Rome, writer, director, producer, actor

a.j. Rome, the vampire diaries, re-kill, mirrored, end trip, uber, black mirror, safe tech, watch on, itunes, amazon, google play, vudu, youtube movies, tubi, (coming soon) roku, acting, film creation, duplass, creep, blumhouse, paranormal activity, blair witch, halloween plans, cookie monster briefs, universal studios, halloween horror nights

A.J. Rome Facebook


*pumpkin craft: next instructions

*the big foot files: lionel, stomping ground



Audio from best band and new music from them. Listen to find out who won!

*dead mail: 

***pam: objects that will kill you, monk, weight lifting magnets, vincent price, smothering decapitating frog mask, dead again, giant scissors, 

***william: night’s knights, severina, day’s children, julien, markham, branson from downton abbey

***haley: lamest candy handouts, candy corn, honey, matrix metal, monkeys, sweetums, sweet tarts, valentine’s hearts, peeps, unicef pennies, candy sacrifice

***larry: thank you and happy halloween
halloween carol special


***pumpkin special with emz and kbatz coming in november

email us: horroraddicts@gmail.com

*pumpkin craft: more instructions

1:31:16 - NEWS

***Meant to Be...SPOOKED Promo

***trick or treat in little toyko

***jesse orr, my darling dead, finale, rat people, willard, ben

***garden party massacre, amazon prime, carnivorous plants from target, haunted mansion funko pop toys, bill rude

***dark divinations, sub before october 31st

***the witch path, terror films

***resonance, terror films, the forest

*halloween plans, guatemala, visit family, cemetery, marigolds,  little mermaid ears, mermaid tail, octo hat, sea creature photo shoot, day of the dead, katrina, cooking, altar, honoring the dead, anniversary, lunch



*tara vanflower interview

Tara VanFlower Amazon

Lycia Music

*book review: the book of broken things, linda addison, alessandro manzetti, reviewed by voodoo lynn


INTERVIEW Weird Kids Wanted Podcast

Zoe, miyuki, shutter island, bliss, one among the missing, american psycho, it

Weird Kids Wanted Podcast

*chilling chat: naching, jonathan fortin, a.j. rome, weird kids wanted


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