Horror Addicts Episode# 190

SEASON 15 “Cursed, Cubed”

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich with guests Star, Mercy Hollow, and R.L. Merrill

Intro Music by: Valentine Wolfe


3 hr Halloween Special!

nicole givens kurtz | jack mangan | frank h. woodward | selah janel | shadow fashion | frankenstein chronicles |


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14 days till Halloween/Halloween NOT canceled!

terror trax: shadow fashion, children of the night

catchup: welcome, intro to in-studio guests: star, classic literature, r.l. merrill, musical musings maven, mercy hollow, return victim, drinking word: horror

merrill’s musical musings: r.l. merrill, mechants by isolation

craft: halloween wall-hanging


*3 (or more) wooden halloween cutout ornaments

*thin string or embroidery thread

*at least 2 markers of your favorite colors that compliment each other

*a sparkly glitter pen

*various halloween charms and beads that match your colors.

how not to be cursed: know when to quit, jeanne rodgers the “most cursed”, bat, boat mishaps, etc…mercy cursed? star favorite costumes, lucy, sonny bono, mad hatter, boy George


14:00 Interview Selah Janel

costuming, acting, gizmo, gremlins, king’s island, friday the 13th, punked fairytales, lost boys, dress made of synthetic skin, demon attack, swedish chef outfit, batgirl, fairy, wings

ro costume misshaps, cyndi lauper,

how to use/start your glitter pen,

daphne’s den of darkness: daphne strasert small town horror, hold the dark, the crazies, the fog, 30 days of night, and the town that dreaded sundown. emz, storm of the century, mercy, alfred hitchcock, the birds

frightening flix: kbatz, frankenstein chronicles S2


42:13 Interview with Frank H. Woodward

men in suits: https://youtu.be/_rOYpb2ujeI

frank was on #97, s8, lovecraft fear of the unknown, wrong turn 6, 30 years of working in movies, movie biz, marketing, covid, closure of sets, postponing releases, netflix buying theaters, disney, amc, microbudgets, short film, clean, drivein festival, lovecraft country, h.p. lovecraft, racisim, harry potter, j k rowling, bad mouthing trans people, doesn’t belong to her anymore, movies, etc are the fans, neil gaiman, new rules about set procedures, tyler perry, pods in filming, batman, robert pattinson, quarantine pay, sick pay, celebrate, film fest, zombie escape room in your home

Film Sense Podcast



crafting check-in, juiced glitter pen, color the wooden pieces and use glitter pen on top of colors

live action reviews: crystal connor, alone magnolia pictures

movies coming up: Don't Look Back (2020), The Empty Man (2020), Synchronic (2019), Come Play (2020), Dune (2020), Antlers (2021), Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021), Morbius (2021), A Quiet Place Part II (2020), Last Night in Soho (2021), Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Spiral (2021), CANDYMAN Expected 2021, The Forever Purge (2021), The Batman (2021), Halloween Kills (2021)

halloween movie watchlist game: evil dead 2, rocky horror, frankenstein, nightmare before christmas, the great pumpkin, hocus pocus, beetlejuice, ghost ship, little shop of horrors

craft check-in, tie them together


1:37:10 Interview with Nicole Givens Kurtz and Mocha Memoirs Press / SLAY

The book SLAY, non POC writer mistakes, women write horror, only white men can write horror?

Writing the Other: https://writingtheother.com

Mocha Memoirs Press: https://mochamemoirspress.com

halloween suggestions: bram stoker’s dracula, sleepy hollow, the crow, the haunting of hill house, pet semetery

Nicole’s work: https://nicolegivenskurtz.net

chilling chat: naching t. kassa, nicole kurtz


2:05:01 best band award announced and message from the winner,

kbatz krafts: halloween haul and how not to make orbs

logbook of terror: russell holbrook, milo’s yard

bigfoot files: lionel green, the search breedlove’s documentary


2:12:03 best in blood, winner is announced and surprised on audio.

glitter attacks, watermelon glitter burst, mercy glitter crime boss, star craft, too much glitter, rassle dazzle ghost,


dead mail:

michele: the grey lady, the turnoff the screw, the woman in white, dracula, the portrait of dorian grey, salem witch trials, cotton mather notebooks, the house of seven gables, old time radio, the plague by albert camus


(other suggestions: “The Spider” by Hanns Heinz Ewers, “Diary of a Madman” by Nikolai Gogol, “The Signal Man” by Charles Dickens)

jeff: answer for realistic pandemic movies for james, contagion, outbreak, the hot zone, alas babylon, the stand, ghost story special, nancy kilpatrick, mercy favs: 12 monkeys, i am legend, the rain, the handmaids tale, 3%

seth: movie soundtracks for writing, interview with the vampire, dracula musical, 5th element, beetlejuice, accuradio video game soundtracks, classic horror film soundtracks, suspiria, ros: fright night, pet semetery, rocky horror, reanimator, the shining, danny elfman, in the tall grass, midnight special, the twilight zone, wanna see something really scary, creature features, gremlins, the lost boys, g tom mac, episode #136, dan shaurette interviewed him

news: the new craft movie, the craft legacy, blumhouse, jesse orr, my darling dead, bastards, mocha memoirs press, SLAY, haunts and hellions, transmundane press, ON TIME, emerian rich, philip steven, dj tryer, valentine wolfe.bandcamp.com

book review: benjamin langley, normal review by stephanie ellis


2:41:50 Interview with Jack Mangan

was on #23, #52, in two of dan’s two audiodramas, am i evil, metallica, diamondhead, brian tatler, sean harris, witch burning, revenge, comic, graphic novel, fan art, rich catino, james f beverage, derek mau, spherical tomi, fiction writing, halloween plans, no more events on halloween, no trick or treating, but fun at the house, candy, harry potter, peanuts, star wars, snakes, slytherin, horror movie recommends: evil dead 2, bruce campbell, evil dead musical, splatter zone, poltergeist

Am I Evil: https://www.amievil-graphicnovel.com

Metal Asylum: http://www.metalasylum.net

Jack Mangan’s site: http://jackmangan.com

 last word on crafts, ro: advanced crafting, star: by the book, mercy: flamethrower edition.

Mercy Hollow: https://www.mercyhollow.com

R.L. Merrill: https://www.rlmerrillauthor.com

Star: I can’t wait for The Haunting of Bly Manor!



Write in re: ideas, questions, opinions, horror cartoons, favorite movies, etc…

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