Horror Addicts Episode# 026

Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich

Intro Music by: SpekrFreks


Featured Author: H. E. Roulo

Featured Band: Crimson Ivy

Featured Movie: Ghost Ship, 2002




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New Members:

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Jing: http://emzbox.ning.com/profile/JingChen

Interview with Heather Roulo ~ Emz

Featured Author: H. E. Roulo, Undergrowth

Promo: Fractured Horizon: http://www.podiobooks.com/title/fractured-horizon


***Next show August 16th: Jeff Carlson, Dog Soldiers, Mach Fox***


HA staff: Emerian Rich, Knightmist, Audrey, with music by the SpekrFreks

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Season 3 Movies: Subspecies, 1991 Phantasm, 1979 Lost Souls,2000 Death Note (Live Action), 2006 Ghost Ship, 2002 Dog Soldiers, 2002 The Ghost amd Mrs. Muir, 1947 Pitch Black, Brides Of Dracula, 1960 The Others, 2001 Sleepy Hollow, 1999 /



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